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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

An insanely angry judge today admonished John "JR" Rubeo, for not only self- aggrandizing himself, but for also repeatedly lying during his time not spent just as a witness, but also in the last six months. While the prosecutors were more hinged on allowing Rubeo to skate his parole violations, Judge Sullivan wasn't having any of it.

While the hearing began not very contentious, just a restatement of the facts surrounding his violations, Rubeo didn't help himself out in any way by telling Judge Richard Sullivan that "99% of the things you are hearing about me, or listening about me, are lies." That statement was met with aghast, followed by an explosion of the judge.

"Not only did you attempt to lie about FBI agents during the trial or prior to the trial, but you have attempted to glorify yourself, non stop. Do you need attention? " Sullivan was referring to the wiretaps Rubeo was caught on when he was trying to solicit a book deal with author George Anastasia while he was sitting awaiting to testify against one Joey Merlino. Judge Sullivan would further recount all the times Rubeo lied, and was caught lying, and all the times broke the law while under the protection of the FBI, then attempting to blackmail the FBI and post the blame on them.

"I'm a changed man, I'm a changed man, I don't even think about crime anymore, that's over. I mean I'm sorry, I've owned it, I've owned it. That's all I can really say." Rubeo kept repeating over and over, but the problem for Rubeo was that, he hasn't changed, and the judge noted that. "You are the same person you were before this started." he lamented. "I mean you put a black eye on this court and the justice system by saying you framed a defendant, whom I accepted a plea agreement from and sentenced in this court. You intentionally caused potential issues." he would say. Rubeo would deny that he ever said the word "framed," but the reality is, he may not have said framed, but he said he set someone up who didn't commit an arson. Those are facts. Rubeo was lying again in the hearing and why the judge didn't call him on that is interesting. I know I heard it, as did some 20,000 others.

Rubeo who bragged all over social media he had money and cars and homes, was reduced to nothing today in the hearing as he had to admit, he had no money, no large home, no expensive cars and had to beg and borrow money just to make ends meet. Rubeo's Instagram posts told a very different story as photos circulated of himself thanking another informant for money, based on gambling, which went against his parole agreement and stipulations. While the parole department and the US attorney's felt that a prison sentence wasn't warranted because Rubeo had not criminally done anything wrong, Sullivan felt not only was Rubeo lying, but also felt that simple home confinement set a bad precedent in the case because people would look at this as Rubeo wasn't being punished. However, due to COVID 19, and Rubeo's alleged health issues, Sullivan didn't mince words. "If it wasn't for COVID 19 and your underlying conditions, you would be going to prison, make no mistake. In fact, I see you here again, prepare to pack because you're going away."

One of the more interesting things is that Rubeo seemed combative on his stance at how he was a changed man. I don't think Sullivan bought it, but Sullivan also realized that while this was not a criminal trial, and no criminal charges were brought, it's another example of an an informant who cannot abide by the rules, and attempted to in his words "cover his own ass, when the press got a hold of it." It was also noted that Rubeo while not an active informant, is still considered a witness in other alleged criminal activities, and even mention that he was recently asked by the FBI about some information on a murder. While Rubeo may not go to back to prison for his podcast shenanigans', he might find himself back in prison if he ever faces an irate Sullivan again. Sullivan called him out repeatedly in this hearing, and Rubeo had nothing to offer but the informant sales of goods about coming to Jesus, changing his ways, and for some reason the government supported that, even though Rubeo tried to bring up Special Agent Laurie, who allegedly Rubeo is very close with, who told him she hadn't seen anyone violated for associations. Sullivan wasn't having that either. In the end, Rubeo will go away now, back to his rented, not OWNED home in Las Vegas, and hopefully wither away. Not only did this hearing prove that Rubeo is a liar, but even the judge called him out repeatedly for it. So it begs to ask, why do we even accept people like Rubeo to testify?

Rubeo was sentenced to two more years of supervised parole, and six months of house detainment.

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